As part of sports development initiative in schools, BFM management implemented Table Tennis sport in June, 2020. The schools that will benefit from the project are Chiwamba community day secondary, Kaps Model schools, Minga secondary school and Mseche secondary school. Currently we have constructed two table tennises in Chiwamba and Kaps Model schools. We hope to construct two more table tennises in the remaining schools by December, 2020 so that the sport can fully be implemented in all targeted schools. 







Table Tennis court in Chiwamba Community Day secondary 








The main goal under this project is to promote education among boys and girls in schools through sports.



  • To motivate boys and girls in schools to participate in sporting activities as part of education development.
  • To mobilize teachers in schools so that they take lead in sporting activities in their schools as one way of enhancing education among students/pupils.


Excepted outputs

  • School girls and boys who participate in sporting activities at supported schools
  • Sporting activities conducted.
  • Teachers and sports administrators who take part in supporting girls and boys to actively take part in sports as one way of promoting education.
  • Sports equipment bought and provided to schools.
  • School girls and boys who complete their education and proceed into upper levels.
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