Mkanthama Primary is a junior school run by BFM. It is located in a very remote area of Mkanthama. It is growing significantly and is expected to have an additional class in the 2020/2021 academic year. Therefore, it is appropriate that BFM constructs additional classroom blocks so that there are adequate spaces for learning and offices. The decision has led Education Development Officer at BFM to develop a Three Years Expansion programme which shall run from 2020 to 2023. The programme has its budget at the closing section and the policy (MA.p01) that addresses admission, management, finances and professional conduct. 



Resilience and professionalism in the provision of quality early childhood and basic education consistent with SDG 4, innovations and national curriculum. 



To institute Mkanthama Primary School growth by providing basic education in all levels and recruiting qualified professionals who are well versed in both teaching and management of young children as per National Education Standards’ requirements. 



  • Provide lessons in all primary classes. 
  • Construct adequate and resilient classroom blocks. 
  • Improve children’s health through physical education, safe drinking water and provision nutritious food. 
  • Participate in environmental conservation activities.

School Expansion plan

This is the 3D design of the new school block we are planning to start constructing in July. The block will have 3 classrooms. Standard 1 to 3. The project is expexcted to take not morethan 3 months to be completed.  

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