Traditionally, teachers are supposed to meet in their clusters and departments to discuss challenges and solutions regarding teaching. These meeting platforms are called teacher’s learning circles (forums), where teachers meet physically to discuss the challenges faced in their respective schools/departments and provide possible solutions that can foster an improvement and boost up their knowledge and skills in teaching. However, the meetings were not done as expected because most of the schools are under resourced therefore, could not consistently conduct meetings. Building Futures in Malawi came in and started facilitating the meetings by proving funding to the teachers forum.

Due to the rise in number of COVID19 cases that led to closure of schools, BFM introduced an online programme that creates room for interaction among teachers through a WhatsApp forum as well as Zoom meetings all in an effort to improve the quality of education in Malawi. This online platform is called “Swimming Together’’. Swimming together is a programme that echoes the popular motto that educators say; “Together we swim or sink”. Swimming together, which began in October, is an initiative that encourages discussion forums among teachers. It helps them to interact and share ideas about education, classroom management, teaching strategies, and others including personal branding.

Below are screenshots from one of the discussions under the programme.



  • Project aims to support the achievement of quality education standards in Malawi,


  • To achieve high educational standards consistent with Malawi education policy documents and Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) by supporting effective teaching and learning, and fostering individual student’s skills.
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