Specific project components/ focus area:

The following were identified as focus areas for the project that BFM is running. These areas are the ones BFM has been addressing since 2017:

  1. Go for Girls where the project promotes reusable pads among school girls.
  2. Sports developments project.
  3. Minor Grants that involves provision of minor grants to schools (i.e.  Sub-granting)
  4. Award Scheme, this is academic awards for excelling students.
  5. Student Support where the project supports needy students/pupils with fees and school materials.
  6. School Feeding Program. This component involves provision of nutritional supplements (nutritious foods) Standard 1-3 primary schools pupils in some selected schools in the impact areas. 
  7. Yaboki
  8. Mkhanthama school
  9. Education Development 
  10. Tree planting 
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