In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, over 107 countries implemented national school closures  which affected  millions of students.The government of Malawi closed schools on 23rd March, 2020 after the then president Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika declared it as a national disaster .

In August, the number of daily reported cases began to drop hence the government through the Ministry of Education ordered for partial reopening of schools on 7th September, 2020 with full return scheduled from 12th October, 2020.

Building Futures in Malawi (BFM) found it necessary to provide their targeted schools with hand washing facilities and face masks so that both the students and teachers are safe foorm the virus.






With the coronavirus pandemic, BFM is helping to contorl and minimise the spread of this virus by providing civic education on corona virus that included the prevention measures. This is done through focus group discussions and incorporating other channels of communication such as posters and P/A System which is moving around in both rural and urban talking about coronavirus. We have also taken an initiative of donating buckets and soap to hospitals, markets and churches. Underway, are trainings for the youth and women on how to make re-usable face mask.

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