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Building Futures In Malawi is an organization that supports the provision of quality education in Malawi..

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. HIV/AIDS has contributed to making a million orphans in a population of 18 million. Many families have lost a generation of parents leaving an average age in the country of just sixteen. By providing affordable secondary education and access to libraries we can help further the education of many that ordinarily could not afford to continue in education.


Who we are

We are a small team endeavored to help by raising awareness and funds in the United Kingdom and other Countries. We also support by regular trips out to Malawi and hosting our partners here at home. We keep in touch with our partners on a regular basis. Our origins go back to 1988 but Building Futures In Malawi became a registered charity in 1999 in the UK and in Malawi 2017.



To be a leading supporter of quality education in Malawi



To support the provision of quality education in Malawi.



To contribute to national development through the provision of support to schools, providing assistance for support staff and services, provision of school meals, lodgings and feeding the poor and destitute and raising funds in Malawi by engaging in low risk commercial activities as well as broad in order to accomplish its objective and in the light of the teachings of Jesus Christ 



To establish and operate BUILDING FUTURES affiliated to Building Futures in the United Kingdom serving in the education and development sectors of the   country.                       

To support schools through the provision of capital for projects and equipment;

To provide assistance where there is need for support staff and services;

To assist with the provision of school meals or contribute to a school’s supplementary feeding programme.

To assist in the provision of education, library services, lodgings and food for the poor and destitute.

To engage in resource mobilization to raise funds in Malawi and abroad in order to effectively accomplish the above objects.

To alleviate poverty and human suffering through socially and economically uplifting development programmes and delivery of emergency relief aid services during disaster.

To generally do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them.


Specific project components/ focus areas:

The following were identified as focus areas of the project. These are the areas BFM has been addressing since 2017:


Go for Girls

The project started in 2018. It promotes reusable sanitary pads among school girls. In this project, girls are taught on how to make reusable sanitary pads by hand sewing and also using a machine.


Sports developments project

The overall goal of the project is to promote youth participation in sport activities geared at providing many health and social benefits inherent in sporting activity and form a greater sense of empowerment that will expand beyond sporting arena into everyday life.


Minor Grants

Involves provision of minor grants to schools and libraries. The projects aims at providing resources to schools and libraries that can be used at to improve and promote the delivery of quality education and service provision (i.e books, stationery and lab materials)


Award Scheme

This is academic awards for excelling students and teachers. This project we award students based on their performance in different categories. The awards are awarded to the student to motivate them to do better and also to help them improve on their performance. The awards does recognize that rewarding a student who previously was not able to read but after being mentored is able to read should be awarded to motivate him /her to do better in other fields he/she is failing. Teachers are being awarded based on their teaching delivery that promotes the provision of quality education.


Education Development programme

The overall goal of the project is to enhance the achievement of high educational standards as stipulated in the National Education Standards of 2015, MGDS III and Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) by supporting effective teaching and learning, and fostering individual student’s skills.


Student financial support

We support needy students/pupils with fees and school materials. The students are selected based on their academic performance and requires financial assistance.


School Feeding Program

This component involves provision of nutritional supplements (nutritious foods) to Standard 1-3 primary schools pupils in some selected schools in the impact areas.


The organization constructs library buildings and donate them to the National Library Service of Malawi, currently we have managed to construct 3 libraries and we continue to support the libraries through the minor grants programme. 


Yaboki Social Welfare Organization

We do support an orphanage called Yaboki which is in Lilongwe, we provide monthly financial support to the organization and also do constructional projects that requires our support at the orphanage. We also pay School fees for all the kids at the orphanage.


Mkathama School

This is a long term project that we are trying to implement in Chiwamba, Lilongwe. Mkathama is a school that BFM started in Chiwamba in 2018, the plan is to construct a modern designed primary and secondary school in the area.



Schools and Libraries

Currently the organization is working in 9 schools in the city of Lilongwe and the main focus locations being the rural communities. We have 6 projects that were implemented in these Schools.



Constructed 3 libraries which were donated to the National library service.

Partnered with 8 schools and implemented different projects such as Sports Development, Go For Girls, Students support, Minor grants and Awards scheme.

We donate books and other stationery materials to schools and libraries through our minor grants programme.

Implemented a project called Feeding program where we feed almost 700 kids in 3 primary schools (Primary school)

Fixed and maintained sporting fields in schools that we work with.

Taught 70 girls how to make reusable sanitary pads through our Go For Girls Project.

Through our students support program, we currently support 30 students by paying their school fees.

Donated science laboratory equipment’s to Kaps Model school

We donated covid 19 materials such as tap buckets, soap, face mask and informational materials to different hospitals, markets and churches to help minimise the spread of the virus.

We taught 300 girls and women to make re-usable face mask that would be used to help minimise the spread of coronavirus

We started a school in Chiwamba called Mkathama School.



The future

We believe it is important to stay with our projects in the long term and will continue to support them as they allow. We have identified a community outside Lilongwe city limits which has no schooling opportunities at all. We are working with our partners in Malawi and aim to provide a school in this location. Teacher training is a real problem in Malawi. Most teachers have the absolute minimum of training and we plan to do something about this by providing in house training for the staff in our schools and teacher exchanges with UK schools. We are not into promoting tourism but for those serious minded people who wish to help out for a while in our schools we can facilitate visits and work experience.



Each year we hope to raise MWK120, 000,000 for our causes. We have a partnership scheme which you can support by paying a monthly sum direct to our account. We organize events such as North Piddle Rocks, concerts and sponsored events and our trustees and staff members are available to give talks in schools, churches and other organizations.





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