Little By Little fundraising campaign to complete the construction of Mkanthama school 


I would like to share the good news about Mkathama School.  BFM started this village school in 2017 in a rural remote area called Mkanthama.  We started with year 1  and we now have three year groups and over 56 children.  The school has been closed over the past few months due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we have used this opportunity to start constructing a school block for the next three year intake.  We are half way there but need to raise a further $6,000 to finish the building.  Schools are reopening and we hope that all year groups will be in school by the end of October and it is our hope and prayer that the building will be finished to greet the children when they come back.

With your help we want to take this opportunity of the Little by Little campaign to raise the money so that we can finish the construction work. Global Giving will top up any donation made between the 14th and 18th September by 50%.  This is a great opportunity for us and for you to make your money go further.  What’s more you can not donate more than $50 so we are not asking you to break the bank.  Please remember us and the the children who will not receive an education unless we have your help.

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