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July 2018

An update and all the latest news of current projects from Malawi.

Building Futures in Malawi - What we do...

Building Futures In Malawi seeks to promote education by providing the capital to setup and support schools and libraries in Malawi. We raise the capital by holding fundraising events in the UK.

Why ?
Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. HIV/AIDS has contributed to making a million orphans in a population of 13 million. Many families have lost a generation of parents leaving an average age in the country of just sixteen. By providing affordable secondary education and access to libraries we can help further the education of many that ordinarily could not afford to continue in education.

Who we are
We are a small team of people who are trying to help by raising awareness and funds in the United Kingdom. We also support by regular trips out to Malawi and hosting our partners here at home. We keep in touch with our partners on a regular basis. Our origins go back to 1988 but Building Futures In Malawi became a registered charity in 1999

Our record so far
We have participated in the construction of two primary, two secondary schools and two libraries.

  • Falls Secondary School opened in 1999 shortly after the primary school. It has a role call of 300 pupils who are educated to Malawi School Certificate standard. Pupils regularly move on to tertiary education.
  • KAPS Secondary School followed a few years later in a poorer area of Lilongwe and continues to provide education for the community there. A breakfast club here provides vital nourishment to the children, many of whom have a long walk to school.
  • Two libraries have been built in the grounds of these schools which are now run by the Malawi National Library Service. These provide good quality books and are used greatly by the pupils and wider community.


  • We have sponsored a football coaching programme for a number of years which has helped hundreds of youngsters develop their sporting skills and taught about health and welfare and promoted HIVawareness.

  • We also  fund a Minor Grants scheme which is run by our administrator in Malawi to provide prompt support to our projects when it is needed. We can provide anything from a stapler to a minibus trip for a school outing.


To be a leading supporter of quality education through provision of capital education projects and equipment.


Mission Statement

To contribute to national development through the provision of support to schools,providing assistance for support staff as services,provision of school meals,lodgings and feeding the poor and destitute and raising funds in Malawi by enganging in low risk commercial activities as well as broad in order to accomplish its objective



1. To establish and operate BUILDING FUTURES affiliated to Building Futures in the United Kingdom serving in the education and development sectors of the country.                       

2. To support schools through the provision of capital for projects and equipment;

3. To provide assistance where there is need for support staff and services;

4. To assist with the provision of school meals or contribute to a school’s supplementary feeding programme.

5. To assist in the provision of education, library services, lodgings and food for the poor and destitute.

6. To engage in resource mobilization to raise funds in Malawi and abroad in order to effectively accomplish the above objects.

7. To alleviate poverty and human suffering through socially and economically uplifting development programmes and delivery of emergency relief aid services during disaster.

8. To generally do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them.

The future
We believe it is important to stay with our projects in the long term and will continue to support them as they allow. We have identified a community outside Lilongwe city limits which has no schooling opportunities at all. We are working with our partners in Malawi and aim to provide a school in this location. Teacher training is a real problem in Malawi. Most teachers have the absolute minimum of training and we plan to do something about this by providing in house training for the staff in our schools and teacher exchanges with UK schools. We are not into promoting tourism but for those serious minded people who wish to help out for a while in our schools we can facilitate visits and work experience.

Each year we hope to raise £20,000 for our causes. We have a partnership scheme which you can support by paying a monthly sum direct to our account. We organize events such as North Piddle Rocks, concerts and sponsored event and our trustees are available to give talks in schools, churches and other organizations.

We pay no UK salaries or expenses to individuals and keep our administration costs to the bare minimum such as bank charges and insurance so that our supporters can be sure that as much of their donation as possible goes right to the heart of Malawi.

we are in Malawi

Building Futures In Malawi

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