A quiet environment conducive for study is important for students and any member in a community. One of the goals and objectives for Building Futures in Malawi is to enhance quality education through the provision of library in schools and communities.  


A library is a collection of sources of information and similar resources made accessible to a defined community. Building Futures in Malawi promotes the right to education and enhance Malawi’s education quality through the provision of libraries and support the already existing libraries in schools and communities that have no access to libraries.


For some years now, BFM has been supporting Chiwamba Community library in Lilongwe with books. However, the library was in a very bad condition. It therefore came to BFM’s attention to give a hand and plan on renovating the library building of Chiwamba so that everyone can be comfortable to use. Renovation of the library is underway, the project started on Tuesday the 6th of October and it is expected to finish on Monday the 12th of October.

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